My name is Nikolai Alexandrov, I’m a 23 year old male from Moskau, Moscow, Movska or whatever you want to call it.  Personally, I call it Москва, but seeing as English is the language of the land I live in, I am attempting to write this blog in English.  As you can tell, my grasp of the language is probably superior to the majority of the cretins who live in this country, including most of the indigenous peoples.  But nontheless, it is a language I enjoy to learn, and learn I do each day.

At first you might find me to be a condescending prick.  And in a sense, I am – but hopefully you will find me to be a condescending prick with a warm heart.  I may appear egotistical, but I have a humble soul and enjoy nothing more than relaxing in the countryside with friends and family, cooking them a great meal and having intelligent conversation.  Perhaps a glass of wine and a game of chess.

The blog I will hopefully update with rants (angry, righteous, philosophical, political you name it!) recipes, pictures, humour, thoughts, controversial but intelligent soccer punditry, chess hints, music and film reviews, religion and whatever else I can think of – so please, pull up a pew, and I’ll walk you through the long and winding road of my soul.

God bless.

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