On Redemption

How to deal with stubbornness?

It saddens my heart to think that mere days ago I had an acquaintance, whom today, I can no longer count as a friend.  Not only this, but I was cruelly denounced and outcasted by he and his cronies, on the forum, Maxxed’s Football Forums (fbtz).

His name is Derek Tang.

Derek Tang preaches to be a man of the lord, a servant of the Christ – which is why it infuriates me even more-so when I recall the horrendous events that took place in the “Lolcat” thread to friends, family and fellow scribes.  I, too, am a man of the Christ.  I worship the lord, for I am his servant and by body is his gift unto mine soul.  For this reason, how can I as a man hurt another living being?

But, alas, I did.  For when Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit on the Tree of knowledge – that hot summers eve in the garden of Eden.  Her thirst was to be quenched with the delicious juices of the apple, and thusly, we as God’s children have since lost our innocence.  We have encompassed the darkness of Satan, as well as the light of the lord and here we stand today.  Indeed, I am not perfect, but neither is Derek Tang.

On this occasion I reminisce of the line “Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies” from Psalm 103:4, which in short says do good for man and repent your sins and you shall too be blessed.  If Tang, as he says, is truly a man of the Christ, then surely he also too believes in redemption.   Surely Tang sees the efforts I have made strenuously to redeem myself with repentance of the sincerest order.  Tang may wear spectacles, but I know of his soul and he is not a blind man.  Superficially he may have four eyes, but his mind’s eye need not a contact lens.  He surely can see my pain, my suffering as I have seen his also.

Tang, can you forgive a man who has repented for his evil?  Can you deliver a man to salvation?  If again you are stubborn towards me, then you must question yourself as a man of the church and perhaps even step down from the role you take there.  To be a man of the Christ, you must at least put effort into following his order and his creed.

Mr. Tang – I again ask, do you forgive me?

God bless.

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