About the author, Nikolai Alexandrov…

Greetings, salutations and hello.  Or Привет, if you are from Москва, as I am.

My name is Nikolai Alexandrov and I am 23 from Moscow, Russia.  I am currently studying in England, the subjects of music, philosophy, history and religion.  Though I may appear pretentious at first glance, I urge you to give me a chance for my intentions are true and honest.  I am a child of humble origin and God-willing, with a courageous and righteous heart.

I have travelled across the globe, trying to find my rite of passage – and hopefully grow as a person.  That is why, as a budding scribe and keen historian, I have decided to keep a record of my thoughts with this new weblog – ‘Refined Ways.’  Who knows, maybe in 1000 years I will be the next Homer – but hopefully not the next Homer Simpson!

This will also help me practice my English, which is my 2nd language.

I am a keen listener of music, with my favourite composers being Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Mozart – as well as loving the operas of Puccini and Verdi.  I also have an ear for the German metal band Rammstein, who’s pure macho aggressiveness and electric energy sends my blood levels soaring – they are great to work out to!

Hopefully in the future I will be able to divulge recipes, chess tactics and other interesting tidbits to my readership, as well as providing well thought out and articulate discourse.

So stick my RSS feed into your Google Reader and keep up to date with my latest scripture, news, and other items!

God bless.

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