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An Apology For My Behaviour

Good evening gentlemen.

Since my altercation with beloved forum member May26 in the “Lolcat” thread, I have become somewhat a figure of hate in this discussion forum.

But please, don’t confuse my aggressiveness and assertiveness for arrogance or conceit. Maybe I can be a little overconfident and sometimes even stubborn, but inside I am a peaceful man of humble origins with a soul that burns brighter than the sun for all that is loving and divine.

That said, in the past few days I have to admit my attitude has grown to be somewhat detestable and I have started throwing about childish insults in frustration. I only realised this when I received an infraction from an admin for personally insulting Derek in a thread.

But let me explain my position – when I first took issue with Derek in the “Lolcat” thread, it was only with good intention, as I was concerned about him posting pictures of his children with indecent jokes. I am not a negative person, nor do I like to make enemies, but I believe a clash of cultures got in the way of me and him patching things up and since then a battle for dominance over this board has been building up, with forum members who are his friend backing him up and vice versa. Yes, I sincerely believe that lurking in the shadows, a revolution is brewing. A war has begun.

And this war must stop.

We as men surely recognise that on a forum such as this that conflict will arise often, as we debate well into the night about a sport so competitive that in its most dark, historic moments it has led even to the death of innocent lives – such as the Heysel murders, or the Hillsborough disaster – a sport that can be so divisive. But that is why we crave it, it is how we unleash our aggression – it is war with boundaries, rules, civility and thusly, a modern warfare, a modern romance.

And as such, it can be hard, especially for someone as soulful and passionate about life as myself to control my anger. We all have our flaws, nobody is perfect, and I can admit when I have been a prick. So I will admit it – I have been a prick lately.

I’d like to offer my hand to anyone who will kindly take it and perhaps in time I can prove myself to be a better man, worthy of your acquaintanceship.

Thanks and God bless.