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“i regard the existence of he to be a conjecture of sorts”, a musing.

why waste your life debating the trivial question on whether God exists, when true faith in he opens the door to vastly deeper and more fascinating ruminations on life and death?


Art is not subjective, a small thought..

In one paragraph I can prove my theory correct that the merit and importance of artwork is objective and not subjective as has prevailed in modern thought.

Classical music contains the divine spirit of God and so it is objectively superior to rap.  Rap music is closer to Neanderthal tribal music – banging on rocks and such, with no real effort or soul attributed to its creation.  Tribal music was of an age before the first human was born in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve – for what is a human, but a beast with the spirit of God inside of him?  Thusly, if God is objectively all that is perfect and divine, then classical music is objectively superior to rap.  And let’s face it – Beethoven’s 9th is infinitely better to listen to than “In Da Club,” we all know that deep down in our heart.

I intend to write a discourse on the subject at large in the future, however this little apple can whet your appetite for the time being.

God bless.