On Censorship

“We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard.” – Voltaire

Since my arrival on the forum, Maxxed’s Football Forums (colloquially known as “fbtz”), I have sparked outrage through insightful, albeit controversial debate.  I know as a scribe I can be somewhat exasperating, to put it bluntly – my mailbox is full of angered, unthinking, knee-jerk rants toward my daily discourse – but know, my friends, that my intentions are all well and good and my heart is pure and righteous.  Though I may opt to take the black side of the chess board in the game of life, without me, life could not exist as we know it – colourful, divine, beautiful… wonderful.  For what is sight, when it is obscured by absolute light?

Yin and Yang is a deceivingly simple, yet intriguingly complex concept in ancient Chinese philosophy that can be applied to my being within the forum and my relationship with, say, Derek Tang (also of “fbtz”).  Me and Derek are two contrasting figures that can be seen as complete opposites – or he is the Jacob to my “Smoke Monster”, to take a contemporary view.  That is not to say we are both righteous, it is just that we take our own seperate, conflicting life paths.  But without ideological collision within debate, progress can not be made.  Derek is a fine man, a family man who loves his wife and child.  His personality contrasts greatly from mine however, but that is not to say I am not also a loving family man.  Indeed, I find nothing more appealing than looking after my loved ones – as family is the cornerstone of life.  However, I digress.

The point of my discourse is to state that without mine and Derek’s recent fracas within the now-infamous “Lolcat” thread, certrain progresses would not have been made within our forum.  True, it was a horrendous moment in the forum’s short, but celebrated history – but it is from moments such as these that a phoenix will rise from the ashes and show us the light within dark spaces.  Black and white, dark and light.  Thusly, yin and yang.

God bless.


Refined Ways

One of the most frequent questions arriving through my inbox from readers of this blog since yesterday’s big launch has been, “Nikolai, your writing style is fantastic and intriguing – but I just can’t get attached to you because I don’t understand the title of your blog.. where on earth did you come up with such a name?”

Well, to put it bluntly, the title  of my blog is somewhat of a description of my way of life.  I consider myself to be a paradigm of refinement (I drink only the finest wine exported from the greenest hills of Tuscany, my crystal chess boards are preserved in scientifically devised chambers as not to let them age), and as such my ways are refined – thusly, “Refined Ways”.  Cleverly, it can also be used to describe my majestic writing style too, making it somewhat of a genius title, if I do say so myself.

After my “rant” yesterday, on the subject of passion within sport, I am all out of ideas on what else I can write to excite you all next.  Though, as a budding scribe, i guess that is no excuse.  Hopefully I will feel better at the dawn.

God bless.

An Apology For My Behaviour

Good evening gentlemen.

Since my altercation with beloved forum member May26 in the “Lolcat” thread, I have become somewhat a figure of hate in this discussion forum.

But please, don’t confuse my aggressiveness and assertiveness for arrogance or conceit. Maybe I can be a little overconfident and sometimes even stubborn, but inside I am a peaceful man of humble origins with a soul that burns brighter than the sun for all that is loving and divine.

That said, in the past few days I have to admit my attitude has grown to be somewhat detestable and I have started throwing about childish insults in frustration. I only realised this when I received an infraction from an admin for personally insulting Derek in a thread.

But let me explain my position – when I first took issue with Derek in the “Lolcat” thread, it was only with good intention, as I was concerned about him posting pictures of his children with indecent jokes. I am not a negative person, nor do I like to make enemies, but I believe a clash of cultures got in the way of me and him patching things up and since then a battle for dominance over this board has been building up, with forum members who are his friend backing him up and vice versa. Yes, I sincerely believe that lurking in the shadows, a revolution is brewing. A war has begun.

And this war must stop.

We as men surely recognise that on a forum such as this that conflict will arise often, as we debate well into the night about a sport so competitive that in its most dark, historic moments it has led even to the death of innocent lives – such as the Heysel murders, or the Hillsborough disaster – a sport that can be so divisive. But that is why we crave it, it is how we unleash our aggression – it is war with boundaries, rules, civility and thusly, a modern warfare, a modern romance.

And as such, it can be hard, especially for someone as soulful and passionate about life as myself to control my anger. We all have our flaws, nobody is perfect, and I can admit when I have been a prick. So I will admit it – I have been a prick lately.

I’d like to offer my hand to anyone who will kindly take it and perhaps in time I can prove myself to be a better man, worthy of your acquaintanceship.

Thanks and God bless.


My name is Nikolai Alexandrov, I’m a 23 year old male from Moskau, Moscow, Movska or whatever you want to call it.  Personally, I call it Москва, but seeing as English is the language of the land I live in, I am attempting to write this blog in English.  As you can tell, my grasp of the language is probably superior to the majority of the cretins who live in this country, including most of the indigenous peoples.  But nontheless, it is a language I enjoy to learn, and learn I do each day.

At first you might find me to be a condescending prick.  And in a sense, I am – but hopefully you will find me to be a condescending prick with a warm heart.  I may appear egotistical, but I have a humble soul and enjoy nothing more than relaxing in the countryside with friends and family, cooking them a great meal and having intelligent conversation.  Perhaps a glass of wine and a game of chess.

The blog I will hopefully update with rants (angry, righteous, philosophical, political you name it!) recipes, pictures, humour, thoughts, controversial but intelligent soccer punditry, chess hints, music and film reviews, religion and whatever else I can think of – so please, pull up a pew, and I’ll walk you through the long and winding road of my soul.

God bless.


Un caloroso benvenuto a tutti voi. Questo è il mio blog, un luogo dove metterò i miei pensieri, i miei ristoranti, taverne, le mie opinioni, le mie idee, e, in generale, tutto ciò che ho voglia di condivisione, tempo permettendo. Spero che li trovate interessanti, anche se lievemente. Grazie, e bene!