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On Destiny, via Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Buenos dias, salutations and hello and welcome to the latest edition of Refined Ways!

Sitting here, on a Tuesday evening, after watching the fantastic new episode of LOST – it came to my attention in a random though process that I haven’t got a clue what any scores have been between Chelsea and Arsenal in the past few seasons.  Infact, never.

Much is spoken of the London derby when it comes around, with Sky Sports always covering the game with only their finest production team on the hype-inducing video packages – but really, has there ever been a classic game involving the two teams?

Thinking of the premier league, pull 2 of the top teams out of the air and you can pretty much think of a classic match in recent seasons.  Liverpool and Chelsea for example, or Arsenal and Manchester United even – but Chelsea and Arsenal?  No, not really.

And this is coming from a former Chelsea fan (I won’t bore you with the details)

If you think about it though, it all makes sense.

I believe in the notion of destiny, in that everything happens in accordance to the way of hashem, or God, if you will.  In the sense that, we can take our own paths in our lives, and our souls may float whichever way the wind blows – but ultimately, we all arrive at the same destination.  “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it”, once quipped the 17th century French poet Jean De La Fontaine.

And so whether Alan Shearer had signed for Man United or not after his rite de passage season with Blackburn Rovers in 1995, the result would still have always been the same.  The Red Devils’ rise to glory had been written in stone long before the notion of soccer even existed, indeed, long before the first grain of sand had fallen in the hourglass we know as life.

And so when we look back, twenty years from now, will we remember Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United?  Ask the average football fan who won the 1995 premiership title and they’re likely to say Manchester United.  In the year 2525, will we remember John Terry wailing like a baby as his life comes crashing down around him, or Wayne Rooney’s emergence as the best player in the world today?

And that, my friends, is why Manchester United will win the Premier League this season

“So it is written, so it shall be done” – Moses

God bless.


“i regard the existence of he to be a conjecture of sorts”, a musing.

why waste your life debating the trivial question on whether God exists, when true faith in he opens the door to vastly deeper and more fascinating ruminations on life and death?

Art is not subjective, a small thought..

In one paragraph I can prove my theory correct that the merit and importance of artwork is objective and not subjective as has prevailed in modern thought.

Classical music contains the divine spirit of God and so it is objectively superior to rap.  Rap music is closer to Neanderthal tribal music – banging on rocks and such, with no real effort or soul attributed to its creation.  Tribal music was of an age before the first human was born in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve – for what is a human, but a beast with the spirit of God inside of him?  Thusly, if God is objectively all that is perfect and divine, then classical music is objectively superior to rap.  And let’s face it – Beethoven’s 9th is infinitely better to listen to than “In Da Club,” we all know that deep down in our heart.

I intend to write a discourse on the subject at large in the future, however this little apple can whet your appetite for the time being.

God bless.